A burglary at home doesn’t only rob us of our cash and other valuables but deeply impacts our sense of security as well. Our home is our quintessential sanctuary of peace, security and comfort. And that lost sense of security surrounding our home is not really restored in a day. You necessarily don’t have to go through such harrowing times. Sit back and think! Have you done your best to secure your home? Is there anything more you can do? Let us explore ten infallible home security hacks that will help you keep your family safe at home from intrusion.

10 tips to bolster security of your home

Beefing up home security is not only about installing the best security systems but also about teaching your kids about the basics of home security. There are certain simple things you can do to enhance home security. Discover here.

family safe at home

  • Do not opt for lock bumping

Lock bumping is a mechanism with the help of which the pin tumbler lock can be opened with a normal key (but crafted uniquely). If your lock does not have built-in anti-bumping feature then the burglar can easily unlock it by inserting the specially –crafted key and hitting it with a heavy object. Opt for magnetic or electronic locks instead.


  • Teach your kids never to open the front door without your permission

It’s simple. Your kids don’t have the prudence to identify who’s a “friend” and who’s not. They wouldn’t mind opening the door to suspicious strangers unless you ask them not to do so.

  • Don’t forget to protect your garage

You should acquaint yourself with the life hacks to safeguard your garage since it contains valuable belongings including your car, gardening tools etc. Make sure that your garage door is always locked. Keep the belongings out of sight so that passersby cannot really see what’s inside. Never leave the keys in the car and install motion sensor lights.

  • Don’t forget the codes

Create a secret family code. This one can only be shared with trusted friends. When you’re not around your kids should only open the door to people who are aware of this secret code. Keep changing this code frequently so that the same code doesn’t spread too far.

  • Always make your house look like it is occupied

In order to keep burglars at bay, you can acquaint yourself with these life hacks to make your house look occupied

  • You can turn your television set on
  • Get light timers installed
  • Ask neighbors to park their car at your driveway when you are out for long vacations
  • Leave a pair of shoes by the front door
  • Upgrade yourself

Take time out to acquaint yourself with the best security systems available. There is no shortage of companies offering you advanced home security systems in the form of locks, security cameras and wireless/cellular monitoring services to name a few. How exactly would you know which one of them is the best for your home or apartment? I highly recommend researching reviews of the popular home security providers. One good resource for in-depth product comparisons with user feedback is Home Security List, which I recommend for you to check out and bookmark during your decision making process.

  • Maintain a neat lawn

Don’t let bushes grow in your lawn or backyard because they often end up serving as hide-outs for burglars just before they attack your home.

  • Act a bit prudently

Leaving spare keys under doormats or plant tubs is a passe. Burglars are well aware of the obvious places of hiding keys.

  • Don’t leave external doors open… never

And this should happen even you are at home.

  • Get Security cameras installed

Make sure you’re getting advanced security cameras with tilt/zoom/pan features installed at your place.

Author Bio: Jennifer Meinhart is freelance writer, blogger and stay-at-home mom. It was a few years back that her house was burgled – an incident which left her devastated. However, she chose to bounce back by beefing up her home security and writing about it as well. but not without help from Home Security List. She has always turned to the website for substantial reviews on the plethora of home security systems available.