Yes, summer is just around the corner once more and so it’s time to make the most of it. Start making a few changes now to your daily routines and make the most of it feeling and looking great this summer.

Summertime seems to be less hectic and stressful than the colder winter months. More daylight hours alone help you feel better and more energized. But what else can you do to make the most of summer? Here are a few things you can easily incorporate into your life to make you feel healthier and revitalized.

healthy living

  1. Berry power

Let’s start nice and easy by including a cup of mixed fresh berries in your diet. Strawberries, blueberries and blackberries are all loaded with superb antioxidants which can aid in cleansing your digestive system and avoid tissue damage and other conditions related with ageing. Mix them in with oatmeal, muesli or eat them with a muffin or bagel for a healthy breakfast and clean start to the day. Berries help control cholesterol and are also rich in fibre.

     2. The natural touch

Being in touch with nature sounds swell – but it’s easier than you think, even if you don’t have an extensive garden or time to get to the park or go hiking. Simply planting in your garden or even growing a few potted plants indoors can give you a boost. Through touching the soil, compost, earth and plants, you reconnect with nature and this has a positive and relaxing effect, both physically and mentally – helping to relieve stress and anxiety.

  1. Tongue therapy

Once you’ve finished brushing your teeth and flossing, spend a few minutes massaging your tongue with your toothbrush. Oral bacteria can be reduced by a thorough cleaning of the tongue and if your immune system doesn’t have to deal with a mouth loaded with bacteria – it’ll be more able to deal with other ailments such as colds, allergies and so on. The super tingly feeling when you’re finished will make your mouth feel super fresh!

  1. Get moving – outside

Take advantage of the warmer weather to do some kind of outdoor activity. Whether it’s hiking, biking or simply walking in the park. It’s a lot more fun than working out in the gym and will help tone your body and shed a few calories into the bargain. Getting outside, breathing fresh air and exerting yourself a little makes you feel better and look healthier. Reenergize yourself with as little as a 20-minute walk. Make it a habit and you’ll also reap the benefits long after summer has past.

  1. Hydrotherapy

Treat your body to some serious pampering with hydrotherapy. Soaking in a whirlpool bath a couple of times per week provides innumerable benefits for your health and general wellbeing. From deep cleansing of your skin to improved sleep, the benefits of a whirlpool bath with hydro-massage function allow you to pamper yourself at home more often than you would if you went to a spa for similar treatments.


Make the most of this summer by making a few changes to your regular routines and habits. Nothing beats feeling good and looking healthy at this time of year. So go on, set yourself up for the best summer yet with just a few simple steps to improve your health and wellbeing.