The more traditional methods have become history for important reasons, as this new technology, which incidentally has advanced greatly in new years, allowing us to enjoy a number of benefits whose value is often incalculable. Today is a good day to talk about it, since it is the Day of Energy Efficiency.

Lifetime top

The lifespan of an LED lamp can be about 50,000 hours, whereas a standard bulb is hardly able to move beyond 2,000 hours of illumination. To view it clears nothing better than an example. With an LED lamp, we could enjoy five years of uninterrupted light, while a lamp powered by a normal bulb that time would be reduced to 83 days. It is a world of difference.

Advantages of LED lighting

 More energy efficiency

Here is another difference that is out of debate. LED lights consume 80 to 90% less than conventional, resulting in significant savings in the bill. The proliferation of this technology is what has made ​​expensive utilities have their rates abusively and with the approval of governments.

More ecological

In a normal light bulb, we can find two very toxic products such as tungsten and fluorescent mercury. Both disappear from the LED bulbs that not only comply with the RoHS regulations of pollutants, but also are recyclable.

LED bulb

For the same reason why life is so long, the maintenance to be carried out is minimal. This is one more very important when deciding aspect. The dilemma can be resolved fast to learn that the LED lights do not emit heat, which makes the most energy. In addition, this feature makes it sensible to couple them to small places, since it is impossible for a fire as it can happen with a conventional light bulb that is in contact with other items such as paper or wood occurs.

Lower CO2 emissions

It is easy to explain. By resorting to a less energy is being produced savings that reduces emissions of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. In fact, several studies suggest that an LED bulb can prevent up to ten kilos of CO2 in a year. After knowing all these advantages, you can make a decision with more determination. He thinks the only downside of LED bulbs is their price, which otherwise you will soon be amortized considering that life is far superior to that of conventional bulbs.