The bath was one of the essential elements in a bathroom now it is not. In fact, a modern and functional shower tray has replaced more and more bathrooms. Discover all the benefits of removing the tub and putting a shower in place. There are many.


The bathtub, undisputed queen of the bathrooms of a few decades ago is watching as its reign ends. The modern shower that came years ago is winning the game. In today’s homes, it triumphs for its functionality for its contemporary spirit. In addition, it offers other advantages in terms of security and space distribution for example.

If you have a large bathtub that occupies a considerable amount of space and that you never use for its specific purpose that is giving you a bubble bath maybe it’s time to consider changing it for a shower. We tell you everything you need to know to make the decision. There are many reasons to decide to remove the bath and change it by a modern shower tray. The fundamental question is that hardly anyone uses the bathtub for its ultimate purpose. Nobody is taking a bath anymore most people prefer the shower for various reasons.

To begin with, the shower is energizing. We activate each morning and prepare us to face the day in the best conditions. In addition, to take a bath in the bath is necessary to have much more time, that good so scarce in the first hour of the day. On the other hand, the bathroom requires much more water consumption, which is not advisable in these times. It’s not that you cannot take a bath from time to time. You might also be interested in

A safety issue

There are also safety to make the decision. Removing the bathtub and changing it for a shower is necessary if older people live in your house. Getting in and out of the bathtub can become a major drawback for people with reduced mobility. The shower trays at ground level are a great advantage for them and the best solution to the problem.

One of the reasons why many people end up removing the tub in favor of modern showers, is for a practical reason, but also decorative. In addition to the shower occupies much less space, it also makes the bathroom style much more contemporary. The only baths that look great from the point of view of interior design are the old leg baths. However, they are not usually common in today’s homes. They are more suitable for very large bathrooms in which on the space, and decorated in a special way.

An easy solution problem

Best of all, it is relatively easy to remove the tub and change it for a shower. Many companies are specialized precisely in this work. They offer a complete change in just 24 hours and with a very tight budget. This solution is for those who do not want to do a complete work in their bathroom. If you do not need to renovate it the key is to remove the tub trying to conserve most of the linings.

Then install the shower tray, make the necessary connections and check that the tightness of the work is adequate. Finally, place the tiles that have been broken the key is to find a similar design, which matches the pieces you already have on the floor and walls since the same is almost impossible to find them. In just one day it is possible to remove the outdated bathtub from your bathroom and enjoy a shower, much more comfortable and versatile. Does not that sound great?

For total reforms

If what you want to do is a complete renovation of your bathroom then you have no problems of any kind. You can do whatever you want from putting a dish to floor level to installing a shower stall or doing a shower of work. The options are many and varied. You will not have to worry about the wall or floor coverings and thus the freedom will be much greater when choosing designs and finishes.