Animal Skin Rugs: Nature’s Luxury

When it comes to interior design, a popular approach is to design a room around a strong accent piece. This piece is often a rug, wall hanging, or even a distinct throw. Animal skin rugs are a great decorating option as they can be all these things and more. They are extremely versatile and are the perfect way to bring a distinctive design element into a room. Their natural colors and unique markings combined with their texture and warm appearance make them the perfect addition to a wide variety of styles and decor.

Few things can make a room seem cozier or more inviting than the right rug. It has the benefit of providing physical comfort underfoot as well as evoking feelings of cozy relaxation. Animal skin rugs especially carry this connotation, as the sight of them can make one think of nights spent relaxing in front of a fire in a hunting lodge as the wind and snow whips outside. Animal hide rugs are often associated with a down-home feel but can easily be the center piece for minimalist design or modern decor, or worked into any number of decorating styles.

Animal Skin Rugs

Here are a few favorites when it comes to choosing the right animal skin rug:


Sheepskin rugs are one of the most popular choices to achieve this cozy, inviting effect. They are exceptionally soft to walk on and have a great luxurious look. They also fit just as well in a modern, chic room as they do in a hunting lodge. When used in modern decor they can lend a feel of opulent luxury to any room.

Reindeer hide

Reindeer hides are a less common find, but as such they draw even more attention and work great as a statement piece. They fit well in a room with a nature theme but can also be easily worked into a variety of decorating styles. Hanging a reindeer hide on your wall will add instant texture to a room and will be a great inspiration as you choose the rest of the decor to craft the feel of the room around it.


Cowhide is often seen in western-themed rooms but their mix of tan, beige, and white can be easily incorporated into a variety of themes and colors schemes with a little imagination. A cowhide rug is perhaps one of the most versatile animal skin options as it works great as a rug, wall hanging, or even a throw for your couch! Placing one of these on the back of a sofa can hide imperfections or add a unique accent to your sitting area, and cowhide looks especially good with leather furniture.

The Final Touch

When it comes to decorating your home you will want to choose pieces that will stand out and be unique while still creating a warm, comforting environment to relax in. Nothing can achieve this effect better than an animal skin rug. Whether you’re looking at sheepskin rugs, reindeer hide, or a cowhide rug, you can’t go wrong when you choose to add a piece of nature’s luxury to your home.