Do you have to decorate your home and do not know where to start? The colors, furniture, materials, distribution, trends decorative style prints. Many details must be considered in every room of the house. Yes, you read that right. Thanks to technological advances, we can decorate every corner of home easily without the help of a decorator. On this occasion, we will take care of the apps for Android devices.

small apartment

To take action

We will start at the beginning, i.e. by shots measures. Generally, this is often the most difficult task when we decorate, but also one of the most important decorative avoid errors that require us to rectify. Did you ever happen? To help you take the steps correctly and you have the free app Mobile Photo Measures. With it, you can record the measurements and the dimensions of your room, only with a picture of your stay. Measures are marked on the images can be sent or exported as multimedia gallery. Definitely, a useful for all types of construction work and for professionals like carpenters architects or engineers tool.

To paint the walls

If you have questions about what is the best color to paint the walls of your home, download the Android app, Alba Visualize. This is a project specialized in paintings Alba, you can use both your phone and from the tablet business. An app incredibly easy to use: you just have to take a picture with the camera on your device to the area you want to decorate, and then select the color scheme.

To choose furniture and accessories

The next step will decorate the room with furniture, accessories, and accessories that we use. In this regard, a truly useful application is Home-style. Download it from the App Store on your Android phone and start using it soon. It is as easy as taking a photograph of your stay and places the decorative elements of virtual way to get a great 3D decoration. You can place where you want the items that the application has in its database, such as sofas, chandeliers, carpets, and paintings. Create and modify your home decor with virtually 3D images and locates designers and shops for your area to do your shopping. Definitely, a complete application, and last but not least, free!

To create interactive maps

Decorating the house has never been so easy, fast and fun thanks to the help of any of these mobile applications. However, not lose sight of the app Magic Plan which is another of the most comprehensive you will find on the market today. Just photographing your house, you can calculate the events and draw an interactive map.

For children’s rooms

In addition, if you have small children at home, do not forget that there are also specialized mobile applications for Android in these environments, for example Baby Room Ideas. An app that helps you with all the important details such as furniture, windows, colors, style, security and many additional aspects.

To make your purchases

Note that there are also many other mobile applications such as app of the Swedish giant decoration IKEA. In addition, you, what other Android apps to decorate the house be acquainted with and recommend?