Are you going to be a father soon? Well first, from here want to give you our most sincere well done. In addition, is that there is nothing so nice as to bring the world a new creature. Over the next insurance months, you have many things to prepare the room of the small or small, all his clothes, stroller but if you spare some time you can hold a baby shower a custom that increasingly is implemented in our country.

Arrival from United States, this kind of party is celebrating the arrival of small of course, pay homage to pregnant women. Therefore, the decor is usually quite delicate and feminine. Furthermore, no shortage of gifts for both moms and dads as future newborns and you should not forget held before delivery. Well, to give you a hand with decorating your baby shower or gift choice if you are invited to one of these parties Kids has prepared a huge look book you called, how could it be otherwise, Baby Shower?

Ideas for baby shower

To prepare the table

The proposed since the signing of Indicted decoration is a table of the most romantic in predominantly white, a color to be related to the purity seems perfect for this reason. Also, do not miss the details glass material forming part of glasses, plate’s saucers and fountains. Yes, some of these items are decorated with great taste. We further propose mugs, teapots, lanterns and garlands of crochet, perfect to give the final touch to the decoration of the table.


Of course, in this look book Kids no shortage of gift ideas, can find everything from clothes for the baby until decorative objects sea monkeys. Thus, among many other proposals we find cushion covers and cushions crochet quilts with floral pattern, lampshades punching paper, stuffed animals, towels and briefcases. Yes, as you will find yourself in the gallery, there are items in very soft colors, mostly blank.