Plastic curtains are a very practical solution to avoid splashing in the tub or shower. In addition, they are also a great item to decorate the bathroom. Here are some models of bathroom curtains fun you will start a smile every morning. Which one does you like the most? There are many advantages with curtains to decorate for the bathroom. They are decorative, easy to install and very inexpensive. Today we tell you why choose a good shower curtains and we present some models that have delighted us.

Bath curtains to decorate

From a practical standpoint, you know they are cheap and very easy to put on. In addition, from a decorative standpoint, the variety of models that exist make them perfect for the more serious and classic environments, if you choose a smooth and monochrome model, and for more fun curtains to decorate bathrooms, if you opt for printed patterns, colorful or with witty illustrations. Anyway, choose a shower curtain is a good choice, compared to glass partitions, more expensive and complicated to install. Discover many models from which you can select your favorites.

Shower curtains can be made of different materials: polyester (a fiber that gives them a textile appearance) or PVC (plastic tissue). The former have a fabric like appearance and a pleasant feel and natural, but are also less impervious and therefore less resistant to moisture. Should choose a model that takes a waterproofing treatment, to avoid damage too soon and that will quickly rust out.

Moreover, the PVC curtains are waterproof and have greater resistance to mildew, but are less decorative. If you decide on this material, look for a curtain leading anti static treatment. So you will not stick to the body while you’re showering, something that causes a very unpleasant feeling. As you see, both materials have their pros and cons, so you’ll have to decide on one of two, or you can also combine two curtains to decorate on a double bar (or two bars) inside one of PVC and were a polyester. What it is a great idea?

With an original design

If your bathroom is too simple but you cannot renew it at this time, you can put some fun shower curtains that will help you put a fresh and original touch. You have many designs to choose from Opt for original drawings and illustrations, with messages full of wit, jokes and jokes, child design for the bathroom of the kids in the house, etc. Among the designs that you can see in this article, there are funny (like the test card), original (as seat pockets to store bath accessories) or message.

Inducements fun choosing bathroom curtains do not reside only in the decorative they can become, nor as they are clever or original. One of the reasons for choosing them is its easy installation, and you do not need to spend time and effort to the task, or use other materials or tools. This simplicity makes them a great solution, especially when it comes to second homes or when it is not possible to invest a large budget in conditioning the bathroom.

There are several ways of holding curtains Bathroom: by rings that attach the curtain to the bar, which is the most common, or loops of the same fabric of the curtain (it is less common because it is more uncomfortable as belt loops run pretty worse than the rings).