The best way to grow and maintain a beautiful green yard is with a professionally installed irrigation and automatic sprinkler system. An underground sprinkler system works around the clock, every day of the week, helping make certain that the grass, trees, and plants in your yard get just the right amount of water they need to thrive. These professionally installed systems prevent unattractive, splotchy brown areas from developing during the warmer months of the year, while also avoiding excessive water use. Compared with other methods of watering a lawn, such as with a hose or a manual sprinkler, automatic sprinklers work efficiently to deliver water to every foot of your yard. They prove especially useful for maintaining large commercial properties.


A sprinkler system timer is a sophisticated electrical device thatcan be programmed to turn off and on automatically at specific times of the day. It also controls the amount of water which is environmentally responsible and prevents property owners from accruing expensive energy bills. If you are concerned about the amount of water you’re using you can simply program the system to supply water during the best times of the day, such as early morning, when evaporation will occur more slowly and more of the water reaches the roots of plants and vegetation. This aspect of a sprinkler system is also useful for watering the lawn when absent from the premises. A reliable automated sprinkler system means that a lawn will remain in good condition during a family vacationand this can occur without the need to pay someone to come in and regularly help maintain the property. In this respect, a professional irrigation system will save homeowners both time and money.

Businesses that invest in professional landscaping services to maintain an attractive exterior around apartment complexes or office buildings will benefit greatly from a professional irrigation system. It makes little sense to purchase beautiful plants for the exterior of your property and then fail to keep them in great condition due to over watering or under watering. A functional sprinkler system eliminates this problem, allowing a business to ensure that watering occurs reliably and cost-effectively. Additionally, a business can designate watering to occur at the most convenient time for customers. Professional irrigation systems offer control over this process, so visit the EZ Lawn Sprinkler website today. EZ Lawn Sprinklers offers lawn care systems, installations, and maintenance in Toronto and the surrounding areas. EZ Lawn Sprinklers are a trusted name in the business and will ensure that your lawn always looks its best.