When making a comprehensive reform in our apartment we have to take into account the following aspects to get a budget as tight as possible. In all the examples we are going to discuss, we are always talking about comprehensive reforms. We start from the idea of ​​having a house in very bad condition to which we will give a total face wash and in all cases has changed the distribution of these floors.

Budgets for Floor Reforms

In this case the reform was able to convert a house is very poor condition on a floor with a space that mixed hallway and kitchen, giving amplitude to a dining room and bedroom. The very high ceilings, as well as the discovery of the wood of the door to the dining room defined the final space of the house achieving a modern and modern design. The final objective of this house was the long-term rental.

In this case we started from a larger house that offered more possibilities. The two bedrooms faced the street with very bright windows. The living room was completely opened to generate a larger space and the kitchen. Bathroom was redistributed to generate spaces that are more compact. The use of sliding doors in front of the folding doors allows improving space for bathrooms.

The most expensive elements of a reform

In this type of renovation, the most expensive room is the kitchen. In the case of kitchens, having furniture, appliances and the countertop, the budget always suffers. The price can be cheap as long as you have a good fitter. In traditional shop, the price is good and you get the full service. The fundamental price difference will come between choosing laminate or lacquered for the furniture and between choosing Formica for the countertop or granite. Lacquered will always be a more expensive finish.

A major reform should not scare you. Think square meters do not affect as much as the types of rooms to be reformed. A small flat where we reform kitchen bathrooms and electricity will be more complicated than a large house where we only reform floors walls and windows. In addition, less complexity, less time, less money. In this case, we also talk about a comprehensive reform where spaces were opened, walls moved and all spaces were made entirely new.

The main elements to achieve were much wider spaces with fewer separation walls. The kitchen was integrated with the living room. A new bathroom was made and the inner courtyard was recovered for use. This is the most efficient app when it comes to learning a new language and in just 3 weeks. The online store where you can find everything you need to decorate your home. In addition to Internet and technology, I also like the overall decoration.