We have to be very careful with the products of cleaning. Any of the products of cleaning we use in our homes can hold damaging substances. To avoid any risk we must carefully read labels and be very careful with their use. We show a classification of unlike products according to their potential negative crash on health.

Very toxic: A minimum ingested, inhaled or amount penetrating through the skin can cause acute chronic and sometimes death damages. Its label will appear on T + symbol.

Toxic: The ingested, inhaled or penetrating through the skin quantity must be greater than in the case of very toxic to reason the same damage. The identifying symbol to be shown on the label is T.

cleaning products

Harmful: ingestion, inhalation, or the amount of product that penetrates through the skin should be even greater to cause damage in our bodies. On the label should appear the symbol Xn.

Corrosive: When one of these products contact any living tissue causes obliteration. The symbol to warn us of its corrosiveness is the letter C.

Irritants: cause an provocative reaction on contact with skin or mucous membranes. Xi will be the symbol of the label will warn us of the danger.

Sensitizers: penetration through the skin of the product causes a hypersensitivity reaction of our immune system. So, if exposure occurs later cause damage to our body. Inhalation and ingestion or skin diffusion may both cause cancer and increase the frequency of suffering. Inhalation and ingestion or skin penetration may both cause genetic alterations or increase the risk of allergies.

Toxic for reproduction: In case of ingestion, inhalation or diffusion through the skin cause non-hereditary disorders in offspring or may add to the frequency they occur and even affect the reproductive capacity. These last three groups of products (carcinogenic mutagenic and toxic to reproduction) are categorized in-group 1, 2, or 3 according to their degree of toxicity.