At almost like home we know a few actions that can help you brand innovative decoration, but without having to leave your credit card trembling. Get cheap bathroom furniture, but without sacrificing the quality and design is available to all households. For example, take advantage of the time of sale, restores antique furniture or stay second hand markets. Do not let pass the rest of our fabulous dreams.

bathroom furniture

Second hand furniture

Before visiting shops dedicated in decoration and much before consulting catalogues of journals, at almost like home, we recommend that you ask your friends or family members, if they want to get rid of your furniture. In addition, it is that second hand furniture is a great opportunity for brand new decoration without spending a lot of money. So do not forget to ask the shops of second hand, traces, or flea markets, and even on the Internet. The Spanish application Wall pop is a market of second hand online confidence, which you can buy and sell all kinds of items and accessories to furniture for the bathroom.

Create your own recycled furniture

While the most creative minds will enjoy making their furniture for the bathroom with pallets, boxes of fruits or with any other items you have at home and you want to reuse. Creativity, recycling, fun, and savings would you like. Ask any trade or supermarket where you can get pallets and cases of wood or plastic, that you will be very useful to create an infinite number of furniture. Begin by cleaning and restoring these items, applying any product or special treatment for these surfaces.

These steps are very important, since these boxes are used to transport all kinds of goods and may be dirty and in disrepair. Therefore, you do not have to work both in the restoration of these items, our advice is to wait and picks the best. Moreover, when they are well disinfected and painted, you can adapt them to your space. The option of building your own furniture is our favorite. It is creative, fun, ecological and inexpensive, but it also allows us to design furniture completely personalized and unique. Do you dare?

If you know someone who need to move or be familiar with of any company that offers these services, very helpful! During removals are usually quite ordinary to get rid of furniture and old items that we do not use. This may be your chance to get a bargain. Another good idea is the exchanges of furniture or goods. Do you have something you no longer need?