Here we give you some tips to get better child safety at home in case of fire, power failure or problems with the gas. Most accidents occurs indoors and more than half-involving children under five. In this paper, we show that security measures must be taken to avoid accidents involving fire, gas or electricity. We must also train our children to recognize the dangers.

You design the position of objects and furniture from home security thinking small. You make sure that all windows are closed or inaccessible do not leave chairs next to them. Never containers, for example keeping a toxic substance such as bleach, in a bottle that is used to contain an innocuous drink. Install fire alarms, smoke detectors and emergency exits at home.


Never say that drugs and pills are special candy to convince the child that the drug is taken, and keep the drugs locked. Check dangerous obstacles when you visit friends and ask if you can move sharp objects and that can break. Teach your child basic safety rules.


If declared at home, smoke could reach you in minutes. Install smoke detectors throughout the house. If the house is a plant, install a detector between the dining room and bedrooms. If the house has two or more floors, install a detector at the foot of the stairs and another on the outside of the rooms on the top floor. If you live in a block of flats, should have detectors in all public areas.

Check and refill the detector batteries regularly.

Design a plan of escape. Make sure the whole family knows what to japer in case of fire. Perform fire drills with children: shouting “fire” off the smoke detector and tell everyone that litter the floor and crawl to the nearest exit to stay where you are.


Plug only one or two things in each shot; overload can lead to overheating of the outlet. Connect the plugs properly follow the instructions and make sure you have adequate power. Replace old or damaged cables a child might bite wires protruding. Hold long cables to avoid tripping and throwing objects. Unplug electrical appliances at night especially, televisions and computers.