The child safety in the living room is essential for a safe home. We give you the keys to a secure room. While children are young, try to arrange the room so that neither they nor valuables suffer any damage. You will have to pay special attention to carpets and curtains fireplaces or heaters, electronic material and plugs or different surfaces and furniture we have in the classroom. If you have a balcony, covering spaces with wooden bars and make sure the rail is high enough to prevent the child jump. Install reinforced doors patios and laundry rooms if they are less than 80 cm from the ground glass.


Carpets and curtains

Check that no parts of the carpet or carpet with holes or raised edges. Any one of you could stumble. Wraps and hides drapery cords and blind cords. Children can choke if you get caught in the cords hanging. Do not leave matches or lighters where children can reach them. Cover the chimney with a protective barrier and secure it to the wall to prevent the child’s pull over.  Never use the protective barrier as rack or clothesline. 

Electric material

  • Install cables above the baseboards.
  • Place long cables behind furniture so that the child not to stumble and pull them.
  • Cover electrical outlets with safety guards.
  • Make sure the TV cabinet is stable and that the child cannot you pull over.

Surfaces and furniture

Put the plants out of reach of young children. Some houseplants are poisonous and others may scratch or cause allergic reactions if touched.  Do not place heavy objects or breakables on low furniture. Put the objects that are on surfaces such as windowsills or mantelpieces lying close to the wall. Remove the glass tables and put protectors for corners on the peaks of the furniture.

Do not let hot drinks, alcohol, glasses, cigarettes, matches or lighters at low surfaces. Save alcoholic beverages in a locked cabinet. Never leave a lit cigarette in an ashtray on the arm of the sofa or chair. Remove all old furniture foam. They can be lethal in case of fire.