Choose one of these teams requires following certain guidelines. In this article we share some tips to avoid mistakes when choosing the model. The air conditioning is a great ally of being indoors. For this to happen, when you buy one of these teams need to consider a number of factors to be the right choice. Then we shared a selection of tips that we hope will be helpful if you plan to buy an air conditioner.

The Thermal balance:

On one hand, we must take into account the climate of the area in which you live. For instance, a wet city require a different type of air conditioning which is required in drier latitudes. Moreover (super critical aspect!) Is necessary to know what capacity is needed for each cubic meter of the environment in which it is installed. The overall calculation establishes a 50 BTU per cubic meter. Perform account square meters can be misleading, since not all rooms have the same height, change the variable performance. Of course, for this you can request the air conditioning repair Phoenix service technician to install the air conditioner before buying, make a visit to the atmosphere and perform the calculation.

More Than simple calculation:

As mentioned, seek assistance from a specialist before the purchase is a really smart decision, because sometimes the simple calculation is not sufficient to come to fruition. He’ll know consider other factors of importance to know what equipment you buy, the impact of sunlight in the atmosphere, the amount of artificial lighting, the number of people living space, wall thickness, type and lots of windows and doors, etc. All these items are of vital importance: Have you not noticed in some old houses, with thick walls and high ceilings, which are kept cooler? This has an explanation: They have better heat insulation for many modern homes.

Moreover, experts advise that if you want cool different environments, it is advisable to install small teams in each room, and not one monumental center position. This will lead to very cold environments and others in which, by contrast, will not be cold enough.

The right time:

If possible and it is not an emergency, it is good to buy the air conditioner during the winter. For one, you will see that on the shelves the prices will be lower compared with summer. Moreover, it will be easier to get a technician, since during the summer their agendas are actually loaded. With time and tranquility, the work will be more efficient than when to finish your work and run to another site.

Professional Hand:

Although obvious, it never hurts to say it: The installation of an air conditioning should be conducted by a specialist. It is always advisable to approach installation companies that are recognized and have registered technicians.


With the data in clear well recorded in a book, it’s always advisable to buy the air conditioning in a reputable store, where you know that accounts with good advice about the differences between the marks, in addition to good guarantee. Sometimes paying a little more money, you can avoid many headaches! As for the team itself is good to choose those with known origin, verify using ecological gases and contemplate their efficiency levels, recorded on a label on the front of the product.

To choose between the classic window or wall, the split or laptops in a matter to be discussed in a future installment. Meanwhile, we hope these tips for choosing and buying an air conditioner have been helpful.