Have you embarked on a home improvement project recently? If yes, then make sure you aren’t committing the mistake of not selecting your bathroom and kitchen worktops prudently. Though these worktops make for one of the most important elements of home decor, there are several homemakers who do not invest much thought into the whole process of selecting the right worktop for their homes. Once you consider the kind of challenges your kitchen and bathroom worktops have to contend with, you will understand how important it is to select them prudently. While your kitchen worktops are subjected to frequent contact with heat generated from your frying pans, your bathroom work tops have no escape from toiletry stains as well. So, you should ideally end up selecting worktops that are stylish, affordable, and less susceptible to stains and can be cleaned easily.

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Worktops: The Foremost Options you have and which one you should choose

A granite worktop comes first to our minds when it comes to the juxtaposition of the aforementioned attributes. Bespoke granite worktops are a wonderful addition to our homes as they turn out to be the perfect means with the help of which we can communicate a sense of grandeur that homemakers always want to convey.

One of the foremost merits of these worktops is that they can retain their luster for years to come in spite of being placed in areas most vulnerable to stains – generated from regular substances such as toiletries and cooked food as well as from moisture generated from bathroom showers. It doesn’t matter whether you’re cutting the food directly on your granite countertop or else putting the hot frying pan on it. Granite is not susceptible to cuts or marks. Plus, there is no heavy duty cleaning requirement as well. If you want to clean it, then you can do it just with the help of a soft cloth.

Most of the other materials, on the other hand, start showing the proverbial “wear and tear” with the passage of time. Wood, for instance would start showing marks. Formica is a laminate (another material used for worktops) which starts chipping over time and showing stains as well. And, laminate worktops can hardly be repaired. Granite, on the other hand, is available in variant colors complying with different preferences of different homemakers.

Marble is another stone which has been at the forefront of worktop installation in homes and offices. This particular stone renders a very luxurious feel to your home. Plus, they are cheaper than granite as well. However, they finally lose their luster over the period of time as they start absorbing stains.

Do make an informed choice

You should pick your favorite stone only after considering the pros and cons of the leading worktop materials. Invest wisely. As far as your budget is concerned you can check out the quotes offered by a number of manufacturers and suppliers out there and conduct a comparison among the prices. Make an informed choice! Hope this particular primer will help you make a selection wisely.