Cleaning the kitchen focuses on several areas, appliances is one of the majority significant, here we explain how to clean kitchen appliances refrigerator, washing machine, oven. If you want to know the keys to cleaning, the kitchen follows the recommendation we offer in these videos divided into different areas of the kitchen floors and walls, countertop and sink and appliances. Clean the hob with vinegar and baking soda Clean the hob with vinegar and baking. With this advice Mission Impeccable help eliminate all fat from your hob, and learn a simple trick for those days when your usual cleaning the ceramic product runs out.

Clean kitchen appliances

Cleaning the oven Clean the oven

To clean a dirty oven, you have no option to purchase a commercial oven cleaner or remove fat. For it is not too dirty, try a non-toxic alternative. Use it regularly and do not have to buy chemicals.

Clean stainless steel

Stainless steel appliances are becoming more common in homes again, but this material requires specific cleaning. You can use a spray product but never a mop because it would scratch and lose its shine.

Clean microwave

Half lemon juice, water and a little soap ammonia will be all you need for effortless cleaning the microwave. Sometimes we forget to plug things when we use the microwave and the walls are filled with leftover food and grease stains.

Clean the refrigerator stepper

To keep the fridge clean and odorless contains everything from spilling when it drops. Thus, only need to thoroughly clean the inside every two months. Clean each week abroad.  The freezer is a cold and lonely, a natural haven for food forgotten place. The main objective to order it: select the contents, throwing useless food and place whatever survives for frozen food in an organized space be an asset.

Sort the dishwasher

Dishwasher owning a computer is essential for a good wash. Place each piece in place and put the cutlery properly will help performs efficient washing.

Clean filter washer Maintain

The washer will benefit greatly if every few months you spend a minimum of care, especially if you use it very often. These tricks do not require much time and long-term, profitable result for the machine always work well. Here we give ten points to consider.