If you have a gas stove, this article is for you. We know that this type of burner get dirty very easily, which can lead to a greater clean a gas cooker and requires some more time. But you cannot escape, plus cleaning is necessary for hygiene issue so it is safety since any food or liquid is spilled while cooking may end up plugging the holes in the stove and thus hinder combustion gas.

How to clean a gas cooker

Before starting our cleaning tips, you need to know the why of the importance of properly clean a gas cooker. Surely, more than once has spilled liquid has turned a container or sprinkled some food while you were cooking. Generally, all this dirt tends to focus on the burners or furnaces, which can be somewhat dangerous because it thinks that if their holes are plugged, combustion gas, ie, will have less strength, power and efficiency is difficult.

You have two options: the first is to control and monitor even more splashes or spills of food while you are cooking, but we know that it is often inevitable. Therefore, the second option is l Wipe off while often the stove to make sure they are in perfect condition so in addition to ensure good standards of hygiene in your kitchen, you give it a safe and effective tool.

If you do not have much time, this is for you. There are many cleaning products perfect to carry out this task of cleaning, for example specific to the oven. If you get any of them it will be very easy to clean. You should spray the product on the stove and rub with a brush to wipe out all that dirt that clogs the holes. Wipe and let dry before using your gas stove.

If you prefer to use a home, remedy says the following. Fill a bowl of hot water and add to it vinegar and enter the stove inside. Remember that the burner consists of removable parts, so you will be easy to put them to soak. Let the mixture rest in about an hour, during this time, the power of vinegar and acids help to soften the dirt to remove it completely.