Now that spring has come, many families are using the good weather to do a deeper cleaning in their homes. It’s time to open the windows, go outside and pay attention to the parts of the house that suffer the most during the winter. Usually, mattresses, carpets and curtains are the big forgotten. Now that the time comes to make the change of wardrobe, it is a good time to do a good cleaning. If you want everything to be perfect, discover the simple cleaning tips that we share with you today.

Cleaning tips

To help make the most of spring-cleaning has developed tips for home shine from top to bottom. So it’s time to take out the cleaning accessories, collect your hair and access the difficult corners that are usually ignored most of the year.

Tidy up the house

The first thing we must do is to collect all the objects that are turning by the carpet and the room. This will make it much easier to clean, than if you have to collect around all that mess.

Clean the floor as a cleaning routine

When cleaning the floor, the first thing is to make a dry pass to collect hairs, fluff and any dust. Afterwards, make a wet pass to finish collecting the remaining dust and residuals that may have remained. If you have a vacuum cleaner Cross Wave, the task will be easier and more comfortable because with its three-in-one vacuuming scrubbing and drying, you do not have to use different products for each occasion. In addition, it is advisable to have a mat as it collects between 80-85% of waste before entering the house.

Clean the washing machine

Few people devote part of their time to cleaning the washing machine. This can build up mold over time. For this to happen, it is advisable to make an empty charge with 4 cups of bleach and another with 4 cups of distilled white vinegar. In this way, the washing machine will be cleaned of all molds.

Wash couch covers and cushions

Whenever possible, and following the manufacturer’s instructions, we must clean the cover of the sofa and the cushions to eliminate all accumulated dirt. Another option is to use a vacuum cleaner that cleans the upholstery such as the Bissell Spot Clean model, which can help us save a lot of time.

Do not forget the mattress

The mattress has proven to be the perfect shelter for dust mites and can end up wreaking havoc on people suffering from some kind of allergy. One of the main cleaning tips is that you take some time to finish them.

Clean the oven

The oven is also one of the electrical appliances. Cleaning it can be as easy as using a little baking soda mixed with vinegar. With this mixture, we will only scrub any stain that we see.

Finish dirt from blinds

The solution is to mix equal parts of warm water and distilled white vinegar in a bowl. Slip an old sock in your hand and dip the sock into the water and vinegar mixture before cleaning each sludge individually.

Remove any mites left in the house

To finish with all mites, it is very important that we begin by cleaning the dust from top to bottom. We will start with the ceiling, corners of the walls and lamps. With the help of a duster, this cleaning can be much easier.

Change the winter rug for the summer

Gone is the idea that carpets are winter, in houses with tiles they come well all year round and the wooden floors gives a perfect decorative touch. Of course, you have to make sure you clean them well so that the mites do not move at their widest.

Remove carpet marks

If you notice that the furniture has left marks on the carpet, we can finish them easily by rubbing with an ice on the affected area. You will see how the carpet returns to normal.