The color proposal is very significant to get the most out of our decor, but also for a stimulating and nurturing environment. You cannot imagine the importance of colors in decor. Therefore, in our article today we want to present some suggestions and possible combinations of colors to paint the living room.

Details you should consider

However, before we begin with our color combinations, you should consider a few things. The size and shape of your room are very important aspects that must value. While light colors and light and dusty shades give breadth to our smaller rooms, dark colors and ornate patterns make the stay seem smaller than it really is. Another detail that must also evaluate before choosing and matching the color is the famous 60-30-10 rule. In here, we have by now spoken of this standard to deliver our colors in any room of the house or office.

paint the room

It is easy. You have to choose a character color occupies 60% of your environment, another key that covers approximately 30% and the rest of your space will be for another color that put the final touch of style This simple rule will help to distribute the colors correctly, but keep in mind you do not have to pick only three shades. You can also decide four or only two colors, such as a black and white elegant and minimalist.

In that case, get to work! However, before proceeding, one more little nuances. Remember that you can combine different colors in your living room, but you can also choose different degrees of intensity of the same color. In this sense, the color combinations for the living room are incredibly spacious and depend on many factors. One is the kind of environment we want to achieve, ie, a relaxing lounges in warm, or better than a more dynamic decor with bold colors fluoride tones. You decide! If you choose warm colors, remember that range from red to orange and yellow. Interesting combinations of colors that will help you get a cozy lounge.

However, if you favor a cooler room, try cool colors ranging from blue to green. In addition, here is another interesting combination of colors that will help you achieve a more natural, fresh and cheerful decor. Although if you are into classical, contemporary, and versatile decor in here we recommend neutral colors like brown, beige, white broken or color makeup. With this combination of colors, you will get a very quiet and relaxing decor, with which you will not risk too. However, if that’s too boring, you can always give a touch of color through any fashion accessory or add as your flowers or plants.

Infinite color possibilities

This does not end the combination of colors that we can use in our room, as there are many more colors and shades that you can combine, as you like. In fact, a single color may have hundreds of combinations. To cite an example, you can opt for an electric blue, dim blue, sky blue, teal, and aqua blue. So be inspired by the chromatic proposals and in combinations that we offer in here, but do not stay only here. In addition, remember you can also use colors with textures and many prints to unite all these tones.