On this occasion, we will see how to decorate a simple chill out porch cool and bright. It is an open area to be used to enjoy with family and friends. For this decoration will be painted both the walls and the floor with more bright and cheerful colors. In addition, it will create a seating area with beautiful sofas created with wooden pallets.

Decorate cool

On the other hand, the area that has a large window is going to be decorated with a few birch logs that help to achieve a space full of natural motifs. As for lighting, we will see how to paint industrial style lamps to fit better in the new decoration. In addition, as the holiday season is near, we will see how to give a touch of Christmas to the estancia thanks to beautiful Christmas balls. This Christmas touch we can eliminate once the holidays to continue enjoying this area.

We have a stay that is used to store old gear and we will turn it into a nice area of ​​relax and rest. In particular will be a cool and bright chill out porch. See more photos from before the stay. Start by creating a sofa with wooden pallets. We will put two as a base and then, for the backrest we must cut a piece. Once we have all the pieces we will send them so that the finish is better. To do this, we will use a sander. The next step will be to create a wooden shelf for the window area. First, let’s put some pieces of wood which will then serve to anchor the shelf in addition to level.

After placing the base, we will place the pieces that will make the function of shelf and skirt. In this way we will achieve a much more careful look in the area of ​​the window. The next step will be to paint beautiful industrial style ceiling lamps. In our case, we will paint them in white so that they fit better in the new decoration. For this, we will use paint to the chalk in spray.

In the case of pallets, we will also paint them white. This way we will make them look more caring and beautiful. To remove the look of garage to the room we will paint the walls in a cheerful color and fresh as green. To finish we will incorporate different elements and accessories of decoration: cushions a carpet, candles, a hanging hammock etc.