Obviously decorate a home with few square meters is very complicated, but do not think to do the same in a big house is easy. In fact, decorate rooms with many square meters can be very difficult, because we can achieve cold rooms, soulless and empty. Therefore, the main thing should be to get an ambiance warm and inviting. So today in here want to give you the keys for decorating large rooms. If you are lucky sufficient, or bad luck, to have one of these in your home does not miss anything, we tell you then because you may find it helpful.

decorate large rooms


One key when decorating any space is to cater to the choice of colors. So if when we talk about small rooms always recommend opting for lighter shades, which are what help to enhance the brightness and expand the space visually in this case we have to recommend the use of additional colors dark if what you want is that the room look smaller. Of course, we do not mean to paint all the walls black but to use shades that make the space appear larger.

The black can serve but could achieve an ambiance too pushy. Therefore, it may be a good idea toll probably goes for rich vivid colors like red, orange, or yellow. Of course, when choosing colors is important that you consider the use you will give the room. Therefore, before deciding we recommend that you look at our article on the best colors for each room.

If you do not want to decorate your walls all living or dark colors, you can choose to paint only one or two of these walls. Another interesting application is to choose a lighter shade for the walls and opt for more tones striking at rest. Also, if you want the ceiling come into view lower, it is best that you paint a darker than the walls tone. Yes, if you want to enhance the extent, you can still choose light colors for walls and ceilings.

Separation of environments

An ideal use when decorating large rooms is to create different environments. For example, you can divide a room into different zones: the reading, the rest of the dressing. Yes, it is important to define well the spaces through the furniture, colors and textiles. In this case, you will be good to know a few tricks to separate seats easily and cheaply.


Of course, when decorating large rooms is also very important to get to the choice of furniture and further sharing. In this sense, it is good idea to opt for pieces of large furniture, to occupy more space, allow room look luster. Just do not choose all the great furniture, as you might feel a little overwhelmed. On the other hand, you can opt for furniture in shades darker, as in your case you should not worry that these make smaller rooms. Another good resource is put different groupings of furniture around the room. Thus, a large dining room you can create a dining area, another area to watch TV, another space as a reading corner. It is another way to divide environments, reserve you have spoken.

Decorative details

Finally, keep in mind that in a room of a lot of square meters should not miss the decorative details, unless probably goes for a decorative style as minimalism, unsuitable for this kind of stay. Here, you can avail yourself of plants artwork oversized patterned textiles, carpets. You can even make a cabinet design that acts of decoration.