Each season has its own style that is felt in the bedroom decor. Today we want to help decorate the room for each season. What textiles, colors and prints are the best for the season spring-summer and autumn-winter?

Spring and summer

Naturally, the appearance of the bedroom will be completely different in summer and winter, because temperatures require us to a major renovation. To help you make the traditional change of wardrobe, here are some ideas that may help. We begin by spring. The sunrays begin to appear timidly, temperatures begin to rise. And all with romantic flowers as protagonists, since spring is the season in which nature flourishes.

decorate the room

During the spring, one quilt is a great choice for dressing the bed. It is a quilt lighter and lighter than traditional quilt so it is recommended especially for the break. In spring trumps all the delicate pastel shades and floral motifs, reminding us that is the time of flowers. While in summer, sweltering temperatures force us to get rid of all the bedding to stay only the most essential parts as the bottom sheet and a blanket or plaid decorative top for garnish. To better withstand the high temperatures, and relies on the air conditioning or fan, there should to clear and cool colors.

White reflects up to 80% of the light and transmits purity, calm and well being. Other highly recommended colors are blue and green, which help to refresh the decor and at the same time convey a sense of calm and relaxation. As regards the prints, you can decorate the room with marine motifs or prints inspired by the jungle.

Cooler fabrics

Now let’s talk about the most important: the tissues. In summer, especially in the hottest places even we need to cover ourselves with sleepwear. To more easily withstand the heat and sleep better at night, you should opt for natural textiles and fabrics with hollow fibers allow air to circulate better.

Cotton is one of the coolest summer fabrics. It is hypoallergenic, soft, strong, durable, and easy to wash and allows the skin to transpire. Linen is another classic summer due to its lightness. It wrinkles easily. Elegant, light and incredibly soft touch, silk is another highly recommended for spring-summer fabric. Ideally, cover windows with curtains in light and bright colors and fine, gauzy fabrics that allow light into the house, but protecting it from heat.

In this sense, an adjustable shade is also an interesting option because it allows us to adjust the intensity of light received the room. As for carpets, although not recommended in the spring-summer season as they give warmth, if you want to decorate the room with a carpet, our advice is to choose a cool short hair tissue.

Autumn and winter

We said goodbye to the hot summer to welcome the autumn-winter. At this time, the prints inspired triumph in autumnal landscapes such as leaves, earth tones and green bottle. As for tissues, succeed rough fabrics like velvet especially for cushions. In addition, in autumn and winter bed is dressed with more cushions and pillows that help us to conserve heat and be more comfortable.

For carpets, wool emerges as the star tissue due to its softness and acting as a thermal insulator, thus conserving heat better. You can choose designs with hair, which will help to “entertain” plus the bedroom. In addition, for curtains, choose thick designs that prevent the cold brew at home.