Using geometric patterns it is nothing new to the world of interior design but the trend absolutely recently did a huge resurgence and underwent a spectacular growth as it separated. Field of geometry is inherently dissimilar a study of every shape and form so it is no shock finding that arithmetical design also offers limitless possibilities within the House. From the retro charm of the models of modernist figures low-poly of the joints you will never run out styles to travel around. All three houses in state his interpretation of this powerful trend.

House entitled male and emphasizes a certain method in neutral colors and textures with subtle male elegant but robust. Here, our foray into geometric design begins with a fabulous table modular with uneven angles and a fresco of lights mounted on the left wall. Forms in General, square and clean lines govern space. An abundance of sources of not straight lighting sets the mood when recessed lights were bright.

ideas for bedrooms

A great divider visually separates the kitchen from the living areas it seems to take a lot of precious four-sided figure feet but both sides have an profusion of hidden storage. One side has a little library of the apartment. The dining room is very cozy crowned by a suspension of huge bumper with an outside of facet geometry. Note the hard to believe rhythm shaped by Matt Black surfaces making the thin wood board appears clear as it can be.

Bed maintains a low profile to keep the emphasis on the stunning scene behind him. It is based on a wooden stage even more low profile with integrated coffee tables, flanked by atoll of the bright outside of table lamps. A shiny black wall reflects the scene and dotted light. Clean marble layer maintains agreeable bathroom bright and crisp. Wood accents are used sparingly to put in a feel of variety.