You do not know how to design a kitchen? We reveal everything you need to know to organize the space in the best way to make it practical and functional. There are some basic rules that must be always guaranteed when you decide to upgrade the kitchen. Beyond the personal preferences and habit of hosting or less of friends for lunch we must always respect the minimum distances for not obstruct the passage and facilitate the work of those working in the room. Follow us to find out how to decorate a kitchen.

design a kitchen

The first thing to keep in mind in organizing the living area is the width of the spaces. Worktop, dining area and dedicated to the cooking area must be placed in a manner that facilitates the path and minimize the waste of energy. The most important areas of the kitchen those just mentioned must be located close to each other without obstructing the passage.

The organization of the kitchen first requires the use of a plant environment, with indication of the water and electric. Having the sink at the center of the composition will be more functional while having a peninsula with rounded corners is an ideal solution if you are questioning how to design a corner kitchen. The profile slightly beveled will be useful especially if you have the need to furnish a narrow space. The L-shaped kitchen has an idea to copy if you want to take advantage of two adjacent walls on which to lean columns pantry on one-side base and wall units on the other.

It allows you to have a rational operational path and to avoid disturbances in the preparation of the dishes. The U-shaped composition is suitable for both large spaces that kitchenettes but we must consider that when the environment is limited does not allow more than one person to work in the kitchen. However, this composition is well-suited faux masonry compositions.

Want to know how to design a kitchen in 3d? On the web you can find several software that allow you to create a rendering of the house selecting furniture and finishes that you prefer. We invite you to browse our photo gallery to get some ideas on how to decorate the house and organize the kitchen space. What solution would you take in your dwelling?