Frank suppression Binger are the lucky winners of the bathroom modernization and Geber it. See the great result. Modern, comfortable and space saving bathroom of repression Binger family should be and with the result, they are more than satisfied. Excellent views a wise thoughtful floor plan the floor dream bath shower and the combination of large-scale gray tiles, reduced forms and accents made of natural wood giver bathroom of family repression Binger a completely new face.

dream bath

The overall appearance of the old bath was anything but refreshing: The washstand was calcified and had cracks, the room layout is not optimal thoughtful. The area in the attic remained virtually unused and the brown window frames narrowed the space optically. Since we are parents, our furnishing style has changed. We are always looking for optimal space solutions. Especially the bathroom desperately needed a modern, child-friendly approach. That is why we immediately in profit action of Geber it and participated.

Interior technically set her and her husband Frank on a relaxing mix of noble classics and casual vintage flair. When it comes to bathroom however had standards of design and functionality rather high. The result of carefully planned renovation has exceeded all expectations: The Bad evaluates the whole house visually and the gorgeous crackling, Rain dance’ shower is so soothing daily luxury that we do not want to miss!

Nice thing

Toilets with shower function designed here by the famous Italian designer have become an international standard. The integrated bidet cleans at your fingertips gently and at the right temperature water jet. The operation is very easy and is done by remote control or directly to the seat.