What would we be without light? The light coming through the window on Sunday morning, the light that is in front of the mirror so you can see how to be perfect lighting go out at night or light that lets you find the earring you lost inside the drawers. Light is life and there is no way that is not part of ours, but what we give the significance it deserves? If I were, you fixed me in these 4 key elements of a perfect lighting for your home that will make you enjoy your space more than ever and, simultaneously to achieve an integrated and ideal design.

Decorative Light

This is my favorite! Who does not like your house looking good? Well, invest in decorative light is one of the best ways to achieve this well I would say it is elementary. Maybe you are thinking I do not have much money to spend on decorative light and that is one of the misconceptions about these concept ideas because it can cost a lot less than you think.

perfect lighting

Now, I have a tip for placing decorative light perfectly and ideally put lamps, chandeliers or spiders on tables that are static, ie they do not move or light elements will not look. It would also be great if the lighting elements combine with the “theme” with which is decorated your house, whether it is a romantic style is good a spider, but it is a vintage style, it might be better to place a hanging light copper color on the dining room table. What do you think?

Ambient Lights

Perhaps the name might confuse you, because by saying, ambient light can think of light coming through the window or it looks from the banner of the bathroom, right. However, ambient light, also called general lighting, is what appears when you walk into a room and premedical students the switch. Yes the common light overall. Will you tell me it is not important? Yes, every house should have ambient light, because it is that it lets you does everything, change clothes, walk around the house, clean right? You have to think in ambient light as a central source, so it would be good to give him something of importance and style, such as using facilities wall instead of ceiling installations or use lamps rail.

Light focused

Can you imagine what this light? Well, you guessed right! The focused light is that which serves to highlight, add value to, or corner of the house. That which is used, for example, pictures or sculptures, do you see? So if you need a focused light, think about where in your home you want to highlight. I already did and you will think “how did not I think of that?” It is beautiful!

Functional Light

The functional light is necessary, is what is focused on a task, for example, the light you have on the stove to see what you cook, the light you have in front of the mirror to brush your teeth or light from the closet, you have to choose what you put every morning. Can you think of another idea? In addition, do not forget to share the article with your friends to see if they have the 4 key lighting elements.