We present, great beds impressive or unusual design beds which the rest must be an event. Comfortable and different from all other what will these beds? We propose designs that will captivate you! Decidedly, this bed is great. Not simply acts as such, it becomes a comfortable sofa. The furniture can be placed in the living room or any room that you have at home. Specifically this bed is called SCOOP TONDO and has a twist it becomes a time convenient relaxed and completely round bed. The bed consists of two parts that can be joined by a rack of steel. Furthermore, one of the pieces has wheels to facilitate movement. This beautiful bed is perfect as a response to sophisticated and ground-breaking designs.

design beds

A floating bed

The trick is in a series of magnets arranged in the earth. In this way, the structure of the bed is maintained in air and stably. As there are no ropes or chains sight and grip the bed the look is really impressive, innovative and elegant. Of course, a bed would not mind having in my bedroom. This bed, belonging to the firm and is ideal for small homes or not so small. In addition, it is a great idea to have on hand a place where our friends and guests can rest. I think, you can create a similar home and attach to the ceiling with ropes or chains if you want to pick it up, you can disengage or at a certain time, to take up no room. You can put this bed in the lounge or in any bedroom.

Need to find a balance?

I propose, this design Yin Yang shaped double function. Two beds make up this nice round shape. It is ideal for small spaces and dissimilar, artistic decorations furniture. Yes, the space is not large and the ceiling is rather low, so it may not be comfortable some adults, but for kids Great!

A bed of soft rope

Can you imagine sleeping on a bed of similar design? Of course, this particular bed is made ​​for an exhibition but it would be great to have a similar home and coupled to the size of the room where it will be. Sleep in a real book bed, with your partner or the whole family!  Yusuke Suzuki has been the creator of this fantastic bed that can be easily bent. Close the book is open day and night! When the book opens, the leaves serve as quilt and pillows. Perfect for the bedroom of your children, adults can also sleep in it.