A female dormitory in pink, gray and white can be a good combination of colors to decorate the room. Below we show an example. It is a room decorated in pink, gray and white warm and friendly. Here we focus on details. We found medium sized room very bright thanks to a large window and a smaller window. The window wall is painted a shade of pink for a touch of color and a more feminine style. The rest of the walls are painted in a broken white that blends perfectly with the tone of pink.


When decorating the bed, remained the combination of colors pink gray and white the quilt is light gray to stand out from the room, and the details or reasons have roses and white tones. In the case of pads, more of the same: cushions in the same colors as we mentioned.

As the headboard of the bed is gray as the bedspread, pillows ranging supported on this piece are white. Furthermore, in this way and after this first row of seats, others are placed in pinks and grays. The high level of style headboard upholstered who carries elegance to the room.

The other bedroom items or pieces stand out as being white. On these, some table lamps elegant style with a bright metallic foot and white screens. The wardrobe is in one corner of the room also has doors white. In addition, Blinds Venetian windows both maintain the white color for the bedroom be brighter. In the case of soil, has chosen a broken floor carpeted in white tone, much like the tone of the walls.