An armchair plays a major role in the sense of comfort and style you derive from your living room or den. Although there may be skeptics who are more interested in a ratty old “favourite spot,” a new armchair is one of the soundest investments you can make to spruce up your home. That single piece makes a huge difference that you just can’t afford to ignore. One of the best additions you can make is a leather chair because it provides comfort, sophistication, and it is incredibly durable.

It cannot be denied that the right seating brings about an incredible sense of comfort. The cushions are long-lasting and resist spills far better than fabric. They are preferred over the competition for comfort due to their durability. The leather piece will last far longer with some simple care and cleaning, whereas the fabric inevitably becomes threadbare and stained. Due to that, it is difficult to see why anyone would not choose to go with a more luxurious option. Homeowners in the GTA should rest assured that there are plenty of Mississauga furniture stores, all of which offer a huge collection of leather chairs to choose from.


The right piece will add an element of sophistication to your den or living room. Nothing sticks out worse in a contemporary home than that beloved but worn and ugly “throne”. You don’t have to give up your favourite seat in the house just to look good. A great new armchair is just as good for game day as lazy Sunday mornings with a coffee and the paper. Given the choice, the majority of homeowners would opt for a more luxurious look and feel. Just take a look around any retailer, such as The Chesterfield Shop: they are much more appealing to the eye than fabric equivalents.

Finally, while fabric tears, stains, and sags, the alternative is known to be durable and long-lasting. It has often been a myth that it does not last, but this article up on American Leather helps clarify the myths. It’s also a great reminder that leather furniture, in fact, is more durable than the competition. Many companies will actually suggest it over a fabric piece if the household has pets. It can simply hold up better when you care for it properly. The same too goes for children: just remember to treat it with a conditioner once or twice a year and clean up spills immediately. Noting this, it is difficult to understand why anyone searching for a long-lasting piece of furniture would not choose to go with leather.

All in all, the material is more comfortable, it provides an aesthetic sophistication, and it’s durable against time, pets, and children. According to the experts at The Chesterfield Shop, you had better buy soon, too. Due to increased demand from auto manufacturers and emerging economies, combined with a net decrease in beef consumption in the United States, leather prices are only set to rise for the foreseeable future. Get rid of your old, out-of-date furniture and find the perfect balance between comfort and a contemporary look now in order to save.