It is a fact. The children’s rooms seem, for most of the day, a real jungle. Sometimes it seems that a typhoon has passed by, stirring everything in its path and leaving no puppet head. In addition, of course, the toys take the worst part. They are never in the place that they have been assigned. However, do not give up! Here are some great ideas for storing your children’s toys.

kids room

No matter how hard you try, pick it up ten times a day or try to teach your children the many advantages of order. You can tell them about Marie promise them tasty incentives (the ones they like best) to encourage them to keep the toys. Children’s rooms last collected exactly the time they spend away from home.

However, I do not intend to give up, and if you do not want to do it, you are interested in reading the following article. In it, we are going to tell you some ideas to store the toys with common sense. They are fantastic and very practical.

Keep toys in a big trunk

The ideas we bring you today will not guarantee that your children’s room is always collected. I wish it were possible! What is clear is that to get the children to pick up their room after playing, we have to teach them to do it first. Then we have to make things easier for them, looking in their room for their toys, Can open and close. They must be solutions that they can use on their own. Here are some suggestions that will work for you.

The first is to put a storage trunk in your playroom. It seems to me that having one in the children’s room is a good idea. As they are usually quite large, they have the advantage that they fit all types of toys, although the best is to use it for the larger ones because small things would end up lost in the background.

In addition, children’s trunks are very attractive will help you decorate your room. Of course, look for a model that is safe so that the fingers are not caught. He thinks that they will open it and shut them down continuously.

Surely, you would like your children’s room to be a little wider and is that a couple of square meters more do not hurt anyone, right? However, you have at your disposal solutions that help you make the most of space, such as boxes to put under the beds of children. They offer an extra place to store toys. They should be easy to remove and put should be covered to protect the contents of the dust.

They can become a wild place in which to store toys that no longer fit in other places. They are so comfortable to use that children will not have problems when picking up their room. In addition, because they are of grid, they allow seeing the interior, which helps them to find the things that they look for without having to empty them completely.