Know how to decorate a bathroom blue can allow you to give a unique style to the house stylishly declining the space devoted to personal hygiene. In addition, the ability to mix color with other colors just as beautiful opens a window of opportunity intriguing furniture to discover. When it comes to decorating the house the two important aspects to keep in mind are the comfort and aesthetics. These peculiarities are worth especially for an environment such as the bathroom in which once established the furniture and the necessary garnishing it is important to define the colors that best put across our style and the feeling that we get from interior design.

How to decorate a bathroom

Furnish in blue is an increasingly valid in these cases because we talk of a color that can take many facets depending on the combinations. An idea from which to draw inspiration is to use dissimilar shades of color to decline walls floors and furniture. It an ideal solution to furnish a long narrow bathroom: Here, you can switch between dissimilar shades opting for a more intense color on the shower wall and one lighter for the walls. As for the container elements choose clean and linear forms if you want to interpret the house in modern style. Alternatively, you could use the brass taps a must for the classic design.

To decorate a bathroom blind you should use the lighter shades for the walls and the dark to the floor. Give movement to the walls by tiles are characterized by particular reasons, checks, stripes or dare with a mosaic result as spa. Another possibility is to create a truly elegant interior design mixing blue and white the color white for health and walls the darker to the top of the sink or for accessories. If you choose to opt for this solution we suggest you try online distributor toothbrush holder and any other items you need so that unite design and cost using low price solutions. Flip through the images in our gallery to find out how to decorate the bathroom in blue! We aroused your curiosity.