If you are planning a wedding, communion, christening, birthday or any type of event and want to surprise your guests in a positive way, please include in your party table sweet. In recent years, they have become almost indispensable in celebrations with small children, but adults too sweet tooth thank you to put an element like this in your festivity. So today, here we want to give you some useful tips and ideas so you can create your own sweet dessert leaving everyone present with his mouth open. In addition, at the end of the article we offer many images that will serve as inspiration.

decorate a candy table

For younger

If at any type of event, your candy table will succeed in a letter to the smallest. So if you are planning a birthday party for your son or a fellowship, please include in your party an item like this. Of course, in this case will not have to complicate too, since small not appreciate the kind of decoration but goodies and treats that can be found on the table? The favorite font of children inspires a good idea in these cases.

For example, if the social gathering is for a girl, surely you will love that the table is based on the movie Frozen or Hello Kitty. In the case of children, superheroes are usually the most challenged characters. What is clear is that the colors chosen should be bold to call the attention of children. As for sweets, try to put things senilities because children may not dare to try sweet too sophisticated. Some sweets, biscuits, jelly beans skewers, popcorn, cupcakes or a cake colors are elements that surely succeed in a sweet child table.

For adults

If your party will be many adults do you have to force it a bit more decoration. Today take a lot sweet airs table’s vintage, which will give the event a super romantic touch. On the other hand, and this council serves for child tables is that no stores the table to subtract visual crash. In these cases, the simplicity and order are essential. As for the colors, we recommend you choose three shades as much. Just do think that the most striking will add a fun touch, while the cakes are ideal for sophisticated and romantic decorations.

Another consideration that will make your stand sweets table is placed at different heights. You must also not forget the background or decorative items such as napkins, streamers, balloons, or flowers. These will give the final change to your table. Just do not forget that must match the colors of your sweet. In addition, if what you want is an elegant and distinguished result, do not hesitate to place containers of materials such as glass, silver, and porcelain.

In various furniture

Finally, we suggest an idea increasingly used in special celebrations like weddings, baptisms, and confirmations. We are referring to choose a different cabinet to place your sweet: bookcases, dressers, desks, comfortable, carts. Here we leave our gallery where you can find many pictures of sweet tables that will serve as motivation when creating yours.