The cold may not let you see beyond the winter, but the fact is that spring is closer than you think. Therefore, it is time to start preparing the spaces outside of our home. Thus, when temperatures can reach good make the most, without having to spend a minute to accommodating these corners. From here, we encourage you to take advantage of any outdoor room you have at home, even if it is a small balcony.

Of course, if you are lucky enough to have a patio or garden, you will have many more possibilities when decorating. Today, for example, will tell you how to decorate a garden style, ie, perfect for relaxing and comforting silence room, but also for conversation, always surrounded by beauty. Would you like to join us?


Move the patio to your garden

The patios, like Sevilla in the famous song, have a special color. Characteristic of the constructions of Arab influence, the patio is an important element of the houses in this region of Spain, since in universal the rooms are usually organized around it. The good news is that, although not tell a typical patio, can translate that spirit into your garden. We explain how to do it then!

Plants and trees

If there is something that should be present in a garden courtyard are the fragrances that plants emit aromatic like peppermint, thyme, rosemary, or lavender. Also, are typical of the gardens of plants and trees such as bougainvillea style, the orange trees, date palms, jasmine, lemon trees, vines and, of course, scented roses. Of course there are many more plants and trees that fit perfectly in a typical garden. In general, it is those species indigenous to the area of Andalusia. Although you can plant your own dogs on earth the most typical patios is growing plants in pots. In fact, an image that always comes to brain when we think is the typical white patios full of pots with colorful flowers. So do not hesitate to place them hanging from windows or walls.

Garden style

However, do not think that to have a patio garden just have to look out on plants. Many other elements should be there in this space. Water, for example, is essential in these outdoor spaces. Normally found in the sources transmitting peace and harmony to the place, plus a decorative touch to the more special. Yes, the water may also be present in other elements, such as a well or a gazebo. Another characteristic of the patios is the role of white on walls. Therefore, do not hesitate to paint the walls of your garden this color. They are also very typical method tiles Arab both walls and floors.

Furniture and decorative elements

As for furniture, include those that are rustic or made ​​of materials like wood or wrought iron. They should not miss the rudiments made ​​of clay or stone. Regarding colors and white is typical blues, greens, reds, yellows, and oranges. Finally, do not forget to add some decorative elements that will turn your garden into an authentic space, such as hemp baskets, wine barrels, lanterns, forged items or any craft detail.