When you have an empty house, the best way to make it profitable it is through his tenure. However, many people simply place an ad without realizing that decorate a rented apartment still on a budget, can considerably increase the profit.


Excuses like “I do not know that taste will my future tenants” “I do not have the budget ‘or’ I will destroy the ground” are some of the most common among the owners of these homes that prefer to opt for the cheaper rather than as profitable. Moreover improvement and decorate a house flat or apartment for rent has numerous advantages. Your tenants will be happier and therefore will extend their stay. This will avoid search every year or every X months of new tenants and their subsequent evaluation procedures. A good decoration representing an increase of the monthly pay which will be an add to in profitability if you know do the math correctly.

decorate a rented apartment

A “seedy” flat only be appreciated by some retailers and people who do not pay interest in the details, that is, people will not care to take care of your home. If you know invest in quality and decoration those willing to pay more for it will be because they value and take care during their stay.  If you appointed en practical and appropriate space you avoid that tenants do this task which means that large furniture assembled and disassembled again and once more and may damage the walls and corners.

What reform in an apartment for rent?

That said let’s look at some possible reforms we need in a rented apartment and tenants especially appreciate: If there is any moisture on the floor of rent will be a constant complaint of your tenants will be a lot of phone calls, and malaise possible influence on both sides. Make the reform needed to remove moisture prevent this from happening.

Both rooms are where most neatness and hygiene expected in a rented apartment. Having the boards of the white tiles there are no bites on the tiles the taps are functioning correctly and are free of lime they are some of the small details that can make a great-disgruntled tenants out by the door. Having some windows to isolate the sound and cold as well as a good heating system that does not increase excessively invoices are other factors to take into account tenants in finding an apartment.