Apartments should convey a sense of calm rest integrated in the nature space. In addition, its decoration must be linked to this idea of relaxing move away to enjoy holidays and to disconnect from the bustle of big cities. Therefore, in here we want to present some tips on how to decorate an apartment in the mountains.


We can decorate the mountain apartment in a rustic style with wooden walls and ceilings. The wood gives warmth to the spaces is also a huge natural temperature insulation, which will help us keep warm in winter and stays somewhat cooler in summer. If you have a main room where we incorporate the lounge or have a large area we can install a fireplace so we will warm room.

decorate an apartment

In this area, we add sofas and small tables as a lounge area and divide over the lunch break. In these apartments they are widely used garrets to rooms or even by size one more floor of the apartment. Most to have high ceilings and wood allow having stays at heights or building rooms to store tackle and many other things. To decorate the space you can use pictures with landscapes or travel you have done you can also include framed leaves forest you can be original. Decorative objects such as images of travel made can help you create a warm home.

As for the colors to decorate clearly can choose the ones you like but the most used in this type of houses and apartments are browns and earth tones which can combine with red maroon etc. However, you can also decanters ranges of ocher beige and light shades.