Today we would like to show you how to decorate a bedroom following the guidelines. In fact, if you have your room so you can reach even compensate in other rooms do not flow as properly energies and is that a high-quality rest is the best remedy for all ills, and the decoration you will add to promoting one soothing sleep and quality.


How is positioned the bed is the most important thing in your bedroom. The headboard, symbol of security in life, should preferably wood and metal never be in the wall that is furthest away from the door and cannot be as the crow flies with the door of the room or the bathroom if you have inside. It is also better than no windows or mirrors behind this furniture because they can make that feeling of strength are causing weaker returns. It is necessary, moreover, that from where you are lying you can see the door.

decorate the bedroom

Orientation bed

As we have seen, the bed is the main constituent on which the decoration tour. Given the cardinal points, the manner in which it is oriented also influences sleep. For example, if placed south favors you have dreams and promotes retention capacity. North health and vitality is stimulated, east they appear zest for life and vitality, and to the west is a way to combat stress and nervousness.

Location of furniture

The bedroom furniture should be installed to create a closed drawing energy to circulate without possibility of escape. Is vital housekeeping, because if there are many things through this energy cannot flow as it should? On the right side of the bed will have to put a low table, which represents an appropriate reaction in case of threats, and on the left recommend installing a high cabinet or a shelf, symbol of wisdom.


According to decor, the lighting in the bedroom must be indirect and soft, soft, preventing it directly alum bed so it will be advisable to put points of light in the side of it and directed these to the ceiling or small lamps on the nightstands. The mirrors also help to give more light to stay and contribute to the proper flow of energy, however, cannot put them in front of the door, window or the bed itself, nor in the head as we have seen before.


The decor attaches great importance to the colors due to the symbolism that they bring back. Therefore, in the bedroom we recommend placing white or beige to promote relaxation and rest, black and blue as a sign of wealth, nature tones such as green or brown that give vitality and health, and you can include through placement of a usual plant in the room. In addition to oxygenate, you will defend from unenthusiastic energies.