By small that this is you must know that you offers multiple possibilities and, what is more important still all the time that passes in space external you will provide large benefits, all them derivatives of a greater contact with the nature, something that seems to have them is lost completely in more urbanized.

This space can be exploited in different forms, would create you have raised Japanese garden. Despite its name it is a tradition was born in China that and has evolved to the present day. You can also have a beautiful corner of peace in your home in this article you will learn how to design a garden.


Types as well as being a place of peace, closely associated with the famous tradition of Japanese tea, design a garden tries to reproduce a vision of the cosmos, in sense although it requires a design who most respect ancient tradition insists that is the case with nature, not seeks perfection but the beauty in asymmetry.

Gardens ride: they require significant space since they are designed to be seen from a trail by which you walk, this path is usually surround a pond tea gardens more than a garden is a path that is built with stones and which leads to the straw hut where the Japanese tea ceremony are performed. Gardens of sit are is of a garden to be referred from a place in concrete, traditionally is used to find them in interiors courtyards of the houses of wood of the traditional Japan, which had with a great depth.