Hello friend’s we will talk about home with positive energy. The theme of spiritual energy has gained much significance in new years because although a lot of remain cynical on the issue others favor to believe that these are everywhere and they are very significant in our lives and emotions. At home the attentiveness of energies can be perceived in every room and corner reflected in each of the family members.

Thus after a disagreement anger or sadness among others at any moment you begin to feel a tense atmosphere that will not disappear until permeate all positive energies. Maintain energy balance in the home is possible particularly when these moments of difficulties and problems come. To achieve this first you should take a good attitude and thereby address the following recommendations.


What to do to attract positive energy at home

Combat negativity and harsh environments in the home does not have to be tedious as with no trouble give way to positive energies. The first will clean all the doors and windows of the home points where it enters the bad energy but also where you can get away the positive.

How to do it?

  • Prepare a mixture of water, white vinegar, lemon, white quartz stones and myrrh. Before using, let the moonlight.
  • Spray the liquid on doors and windows and clean them with a clean white cloth.
  • The remaining liquid can be used to clean other environments and white quartz stones can be placed in a corner.

General cleaning

The accumulation of dust, dirt and worthless objects also can power the increase of negativity in the home. It is very significant to take one or two days a week to make a common housecleaning, making sure to clean every corner.

How to do it?

Move furniture, fixtures, appliances and everything you have in your home and make sure you leave them perfectly clean. Change the sheets and blankets in the rooms and try to use some freshener to give a feeling of freshness.


Sunlight and fresh air are necessary to purify the home environment and give way to positive energies. A locked all day without adequate ventilation house accumulates odors dust molecules and substances that can make you feel a small heavy and friendly atmosphere.