If you liked our instructions on how to choose and place mats you cannot lose the keys that we offer today concerning how to light the rooms considering the laws of this ancient Chinese philosophy. The fascination with the East reveals a wide world of potential that would have us life more enjoyable. So, if you want a home in harmony, do not miss the advice that we offer below on how to light the house.

A light for each environment

The light is very significant to win in excellence of life and wellbeing. A white and intense light is a great option in environments of great physical and mental as the kitchen and study area activity. While warmer lights recommended in close spaces that are intended to break such as the bedroom and the living room.

How to light the house

Overall timely and decorative light

We must properly locate the points of light in every corner of the house to also illuminate the rooms highlighting the shapes and colors of each element of the room. One of them refers to the overall light that seeks to light up the rooms with a uniform and less specific lighting. We recommend placing this type of lighting in the ceiling, to achieve that general light. A good idea may be to use the recessed lights or ceiling both as a matter of aesthetics and to allow energy to flow.

As explained above, the most intense lights are recommended in rooms with high action since they generate and stimulate energy. On the contrary, we should not use them in places used to rest and meditation. Another type of lighting is the point trying to highlight certain corners of the room where we need more light. For example, beside the sofa to make a comfortable reading area on the table or desk on the kitchen counter to better illuminate the work area.

The purpose of these lights is illuminated areas where light is usually not enough? However, always with a light strength adapted to the needs of our task. The last type of light is purely decorative. One that is highlights an element of decoration such as for example a picture. Although less intense this light provides extra lighting is helpful for general lighting.