Are you tired of the color of your walls? Your house wants to be urgently painted. So do not hesitate! It is time for you to get to work! Yes, I know that a specialist will go away the spotless walls, but knowing that the oven is not for many buns as far as budget is concerned, we encourage you to be yourself who is in charge of the task. You will get an improved result than you think.


Yes, if you want to get an original result, which differs from other houses, we suggest you will probably go for a trend that has returned to the world of decoration, but with an Anglo-Saxon name, as often happens with all fashions revival. We refer to the gradient currently known as hombre walls gradient or tie-dye. Want to know how to get it well you just have to join! In addition, at the end we offer a gallery where you can find several examples that will serve as inspiration.

Choose colors

Although there are different ways to paint a wall in degraded, today we will explain the simplest. Therefore, what we suggest is that you do with three cans of paint of different shades of the same color. The largest of the boats must be of lighter color. Although you can choose the colors you like best, you should know that with the tones pastel most attractive results are achieved. Also, keep in mind that for stays with few square meters or scarce natural light light colors are preferable because they help to increase the space visually and give light to the rooms.

How to Paint

Once you have the paint, you should paint the entire wall with the lighter shade using a roller, which will help you get an even result. Once it is dry, you should paint the darkest band, which can be both above and below, always depending on the effect you want to achieve. It is best to use a brush to paint the upper edge and a roller or brush to the other. Then, always cleaning the tray and brushes, you should mix equal amounts of paint hues that you use and go increased or decreasing the proportion depending on the effect, you want to achieve.

Type’s gradient

Know that you will do the gradient both vertically, ie from bottom to top, and horizontally, in addition to zigzag. You can also choose to make the stripes not degraded by blurring. If you decant the latter option, you will need to resort to the masking tape so that the lines are not twisted. Of course, if you see that the style is too degraded to paint all the walls, you can choose to apply only in choosing the lighter shade of hombre for the rest.

Other tips

Finally, you should bear in brain that the result is a success it is a good thought to prefer some decorative details candles, textiles, and lamps with the same tones of your wall. Yes, we recommend you do not put some pictures on the walls where there is a gradient for not detract from the prominence it deserves. With what it cost you to do it, it would be a shame we did not look enough. Do not you think? Here we leave our gallery, where you can see examples of painted walls gradient. Do not miss it!