Ventilating the house daily is the best way for your home to oxygenate and breathe. It is a necessary practice for the health of the house and you are own and the first step that must be taken before ordering and cleaning. Do you want to know our tips for good ventilation? Our colleagues at the home academy tell us.

ventilate the house

First, you should know that airing is a unique way of renewing the air of the rooms. Bedrooms of the house but it are also essential for drying damp and lowering the temperature in the hottest months. The best way to do this is with the natural ventilation of cross airflow. This type of ventilation is easily achieved by opening doors and windows on opposite sides of the house.

By doing this you will create, a rapid temperature and pressure difference that will allow you to reduce the energy consumption needed to reheat the house again. This method is extremely useful in winter when we are most concerned that the house may become too cold after ventilation.

How long do you have to ventilate?

The time that it is necessary to ventilate the house will depend on the season of the year, however, it is advisable to open the house between ten and twenty minutes at least every day, especially in the mornings. If you leave home early and you find it impossible to ventilate do not forget to open the windows when you return your house will thank you.

Which rooms should be more ventilated?

  • The bedrooms are the rooms that need more ventilation, because thanks to it you will eliminate the CO2 that is generated every night while you sleep.
  • If you are one of those who have bathrooms with a window, it is best to ventilate them for 30 minutes since this is the time to dry the humidity generated mainly by the concentration of the steam in the showers.
  • If you cook daily and eat in the kitchen they should vintages once you have finished or while collecting so you’ll have more feeling clean and give that air is renewed and free of odors that have been able to concentrate.
  • The rest of the room’s living room, living room, games room office lobby you should ventilate while cleaning.

Far from what you might think maintaining partial ventilation with a half-open window throughout the day is a mistake since especially in winter this gesture will excessively cool the house and can create dampness near the windows. Instead, it is much better to repeat 5-minute ventilations as often as you need to in a way you will regenerate the space and feel the well-being that allows you to breathe a renewed air in your own home.