What do you use to beautify the house? Glass vases, curtains, carpets, cushions, books, lamps, and other classic trimmings but what and why not substance recycled? For example, a tire, a pallet, clothes pegs, glass jars, a ladder or a bulb.

Everything goes to decorate every corner of the home. In addition, if you do not believe, check out the great ideas that we suggest today almost like home. Brilliantly easy, fun, and inexpensive crafts that is available to anyone and all pockets.

With tires

In here, we have already spoken several times about the many uses and applications of pallets and tires to decorate all types of travelers. So do not miss the thoughts that you explained in our previous article on decorating with recycled tires. In this post, we explain, for example, how to make a tire on a table with string and glue.

decorate recycling

With pallets and boxes of fruit

The pallets and wooden fruit boxes are also useful to decorate. You can get these items in any trade or supermarket in your city and you can restore them with special repair putty for wood, medium grit sandpaper to achieve a more even surface, and a layer of varnish or paint to give the final stroke. What things can we do with pallets or boxes of fruit?

From a tray for serving food until a shelf, a box to organize our stuff evens a makeshift library. See more great ideas in the article how to beautify with fruit boxes. Moreover, if all that you have learned little, get ready for the magic of pallets a rustic and personal touch that you can get yourself.

However, like the boxes for transporting fruits and vegetables, the pallet also may have a thousand and one decorative uses.

All these ideas are great but require a basic knowledge of DIY and restoration. Therefore, if you do not want to complicate your life, you can put into practice other recycling easier for decorating ideas.

For example, you can use a bulb as a creative container for an artificial flower. You can turn an old ladder that you no longer use in a makeshift shelf or an original Christmas tree.

Very simple crafts

While that cradle your baby no longer going to need become a practical and decorative table desk. You just have to place a wooden board, glass or any other material that serves as a bearing surface. Still easier and faster is to design a container or candle holder.

Clean a tin can and decorate with clothespins, as you can see in the picture accompanying our post. Then you can enter the space inside a candle or vase with flowers. However, is not the end all, because you can also paint the pot?

With glass jars, you can accomplish many other designs. You just have to clean them well and introduce any fashion accessory to help you decorate, egg with Christmas balls, stones, dried flowers or cones of your last trip to the field.

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In addition, you, what are more ideas you recommend us to decorate home recycling? Do not forget that is not the end all, because our decorative ideas from recycled items carry on.