Here are some ideas to decorate a living room in the masculine ideal for those who love the rigor and formality typical of this genre. In a society where the roles are reversed and the woman is more and more to get out outside the home the man on the contrary finds the pleasure of home life by influencing the style of home interiors. It is no longer the traditional house full of trinkets and frills typically female but a house perhaps more in line with modern times basic and technological. Therefore, here are some ideas to decorate the living room in perfect masculine style.

decorating a bedroom

The ‘ industrial and the’ urban style are the beloved trends in stays furnished to the male where you can still breathe the atmosphere of the environment typical of the man working. There is a great use of materials such as leather, iron, glass, skillfully combined to create an environment with formal tone severe. Geometric, clean lines of furniture and accessories they create a highly efficient environment, where everything is designed to perfection so little room for creativity but a careful study of details.

Even the furniture follows a very rational logic the coffee table is centrally located, surrounded by a linear sofa and modern designer armchairs. In the background cannot miss the floating apartment bar single man’s pride in his career where show off prized bottles of scotch and whiskey. Neutral colors are the predominant adorned the original male living.

Grays, whites and blacks alternate between fabrics and surfaces to an environment of discreet tones that dares on some details. The wood chosen for the furniture ranges from darker shades of ebony and hickory; lighter woods are reserved for women. The men’s room is characterized by the use of all the latest technologies.

Televisions extra dishes, home theater audio systems lamps with built-in wireless charging, super-equipped shelves make living area ready to respond quickly and efficiently to every need. The male likes to surprise and for this reason loves the elegant details and sometimes overly glitzy. That’s why the choice of lighting, may dare with hanging chandeliers and elegant chandelier evoking the splendor of the imperial palaces.