The shelves are common elements in any home essential basic decoration, but also the eternal misunderstood and forgotten ones. Most of them are not properly exploited. However, properly located, the shelves can transform any environment.

As headboard

Good use of the shelves is as a headboard. If our bedroom is small and we want to make the most of every space of the house, the shelves can be great allies. Replaces the headboard always a much more practical and useful alternative: a shelf. We can use it as a bedside table to store our stuff and so we saved these two spaces on each side of the bed. A couple of shelves of one wall to another aligned with the ground can be a great solution. You can camouflage painting them the same color as the wall, so we drive.

optimize space

To avoid burdening the environment, choose shelves with little background. Another ingenious use of shelves can be like a makeshift desk. We can locate in any room of the house, in either the lounge or bedroom. You can place several shelves at a distance to create a reading corner. In this sense, we can put the number of shelves you want. One can serve as study table (if the shelf is especially deep) and the rest as order and storage solution.

The important thing is to take into account the measurements of each shelf, and the height of our seat. Aesthetically, we recommend in emphasize this element of the room to differentiate environments within the same room. Great solution can be painted these shelves in the same color as the rest of the wall but in a hue slightly lighter. Thus, we unify the decor but delimit the different spaces. When illuminate this environment, ideally placed spotlights on the shelves so that illuminate our working area.

To the roof

The shelves are not only practical, but also incredibly decorative. For example, we can place them in all those areas of the house that we find it so difficult to decorate, such as the corners. Take those bare walls of any room that you can use to put some shelves. As we mentioned at the beginning of our article, the trick to avoid overloading the decor and environments involves placing shallow shelves and paint them the same color as the wall. And, of course, do not place too many accessories.

Another great expert advice when decorating and optimizing spaces is to place shelves to the ceiling. Thus, we take the height of the rooms. A great idea if you opt for this solution is to place decorative lights or sconces in the last shelf to help you light up the whole room. This gives you great visibility of all shelves and gain amplitude in space.

In any corner of the house

Nor should we lose sight of the bottom of the rooms. In other words, we can put lower shelves in different corners of the house, such as under the bathroom cabinet. Locate all those areas of the house untapped, where you could put any shelf.