The economic crisis, the growth of cities with little job security and the fact that families have increasingly fewer members are some of the factors that have caused more and more households live in small. Good thing we live in homes where the square footage absent have its compensation they are cheaper need less maintenance are easier to clean strengthen family ties. In fact, the only downside of living in these houses is the lack of space. However, go inconvenience! Luckily, some tricks can be done to overcome this disadvantage and live peacefully despite the lack of meters. We tell then some!

decorating small houses


The designers and furniture manufacturer are increasingly conscious that small dwellings are the most common today, so in new years not only have seen that increase solutions for spaces with few square meters, but we have found to have also improved qualities. For example, today you can find furniture multifunctional much more reliable or convertibles.

In this sense, include sofa beds, adaptable consoles dining tables, sofas and ottomans with extra storage room and beds with storage base and speaking of beds, it is wise to opt for those with drawers or in the case of children’s bedrooms or shared youth, for the trundle beds, which are type or train berths. In addition, to maximize space are very useful foldaway beds. Other useful furniture for small homes are extendable tables, chairs and folding tables, cabinets with sliding doors, glass pieces and those with straight lines.


We keep talking about furniture, but this time we focus on distribution. So the first thing we want to say is do not overload the space with unnecessary parts, but only opt for furniture indispensable. Furthermore, it is important not put furniture in passageways for the movement is not blocked.


Unbelievably, colors can help greatly in the perception of space. Therefore, what we recommend is that you opt for shades whites, especially white, for walls, ceilings and even furniture. These will help to enhance the brightness and visually expand the space. Moreover, it is a good trick paints the ceiling a lighter color than the walls to look like higher color.

Mirrors and crystals

On the other hand, keep in mind that there are certain materials and articles to help you enhance space. In this sense, mirrors are the best allies to make the houses look bigger than they are. Yes, it is important to know how to use them. Therefore, we recommend that you look at our article tips for decorating with mirrors. In addition, furniture and decorative glass objects allow you to visually expand the space.


Also with the light can be achieved seats appear larger than they really are. Therefore, we recommend that potencies the most of natural light. Well the most important thing is to use light colors for walls and other rudiments, such as curtains, to be lightweight fabrics that miss the outside light. You must also avoid placing pieces of furniture in front of the high natural light sources. As for artificial lighting, know that in the middle of the options that occupy less space are the foci wardrobes. It is also significant to know that the light focused on ceilings and walls brings a greater sense of height.


Finally, we recommend that you keep your house in order. In addition, in a home with few square meters anything that is created by a feeling of being overwhelmed. In this sense, are super practical pieces of furniture that help keeping the spaces in order as coffee tables with drawers? They will also help to maintain order and association distributor’s cabinets and drawers.