Although difficult to believe, small details often make the difference and make important changes. For example, did you know that with small and simple gestures we could gain light in the kitchen, without having to do works or introduce more lamps and points of light in the environment? If you want to discover how to decorate, a bright kitchen takes good note.


Blinds and curtains

Without resorting to artificial light, natural is the great ally when it comes to decorating a bright kitchen. Therefore, in here we suggest giving greater prominence to the windows. To take full advantage of natural light, nothing better than opting for blinds. We can regulate them and adapt them to our needs, allowing more or less light to pass through the windows.

Ideally choose curtains in light colors like white because they reflect light and allow us to decorate kitchens brighter. As far as fabrics are concerned, the most recommended are lightweight and lightweight materials such as cotton, which, at the same time, is resistant and easy to wash. To decorate a bright kitchen we must also avoid placing large furniture near the window, as they will prevent natural light from circulating throughout the room.

Metallic surfaces

The finishes also help us to decorate a kitchen with lots of light. Of course, we refer to the metallic surfaces that are also very frequent in the kitchen. Chrome faucets , metal accessories, battery stainless steel kitchen, bright tiles to decorate the walls, a countertop in a gleaming and decorative marble, a bright dishes of fine white porcelain cups and glass vases are small details that allow us Gain light in the kitchen, without sacrificing aesthetics and functionality.

Other accessories that are also usually present in the kitchen are textiles. Besides decorating, they fulfill a very practical and important function. As this is to enhance the light in the kitchen, you should choose light and light fabrics and light colors. In this sense, the most recommended tones are white, cream, beige, stone and other similar proposals. As for the stamping, it is advisable to choose smooth designs to avoid recharging the decoration of the kitchen.

Mirror effect

One trend that is being seen a lot in recent years is furniture with mirror effect. The glossy finish of these surfaces is of vital importance in the decoration of a bright kitchen. If you do not want to spend a lot of money renovating all the kitchen furniture, in here we recommend opting for lacquered and bright paintings that will help you enhance the light of your kitchen. But if you are thinking of renovating some furniture, a great idea can be to add glass cases whose translucent finish allows us to gain light and space in the kitchen.

White walls and bright finishes

And as regards the color of the walls, our big bet is the bright, elegant, versatile and timeless white. Therefore, it is advisable to choose this color to paint the walls of the kitchen. We can even opt for lacquered paintings with brilliant effect to enhance the light in this environment. Finally, another trick that we recommend the interior designers is to place panels with glossy finish to decorate the appliances. In this way, we achieve a dazzling decoration and a clearer atmosphere.