To decorate a romantic bedroom only do you need some good ideas. With a little imagination and knowing your partner know what things you like, what are your preferred flowers, which color you like best? Although the protagonist Valentine color excellence is red passion, not of necessity need the decor is in the same likes the colors!

Nor do you need to use much money to decorate a romantic bedroom. Sometimes the simplest things can be the most beautiful. Furthermore, it is important that you do with affection and love. If your intentions are good, no need to worry. In as special as the day of lovers, you try to do things. However, if you follow some tips addition, much better what do you think?

romantic bedroom

Meet the tastes of the couple. It is necessary to know something about your love. Their tastes in music, what color you like best, what type of lighting. Sometimes it is not well known to the couple, as you think and this can make the final decoration is fairly the opposite. What some may seem idealistic, others it seems too cheesy. 

Lighting: Lighting is an important factor. No need to change bulbs, but you can create a more intimate atmosphere. One idea is to add candles add beauty. Another idea is to cover the bulbs with a red scarf or a color to make it more diffuse. You can also paint the bulbs, paint for them.

The temperature: Find a place where no cold or are in power. The idea is to make the place comfortable in every way. If the room is cold, add some blankets and a heater or turn the radiator. If you have a fireplace lit it or seeks alternatives to your partner nothing happens cold.

Something to drink: You can put in a side table with a bottle to have a good time the night. A few drinks and ready if your partner does not drink, you can put other beverages. The protagonists of this day are red roses. However, you can get with other ones you like most. Put some on the bed or distributed petals on the floor.