Many elements can help us modify our home (paintings, sculptures, photo frames, vases, flowers but today we talk about objects further increase comfort in certain areas of the house. We are referring to the cushions, ideal for a touch of color, warmth newness or originality to the lounge or bedroom. Yes, if you want these rooms even more personal a good option is to customize the cushions. The best thing is that there are plenty of alternatives to do, ranging from simple when you do not have to do almost anything, even the most laborious. Today here want to give you some ideas for decorating these basics in home decoration.

Ideas for customization cushions

The first idea that we will propose is perfect for gifts, but also can use it to personalize your living room or bedroom very special way. We refer to the cushions with pictures that allow us to have that special someone even closer. In addition, you can decide photos of your kids, your spouse, and your friends Of course; you also choose a picture of a landscape, a photograph you have made ​​yourself, or any picture that has particular meaning to you. Good thing there are plenty of companies that offer this service so customize your pads in this way will be very simple. In fact, you will be able to sue your photos cushion from the couch in your home with the internet.

Paintings textiles

Of course, if you want to be more involved in customizing your cushions, a good idea is to opt for textile markers or paints, especially if they are in spray since they are easier to use. Ideally, for the perfect result is that the cushions are light colored. In addition, if you have too many artistic talents, it is best to use templates printed on a sheet. Once you have your picture drawn and painted on the cover, you should put it in the dryer for 20 minutes or spend the plate above. When dry and you just have to put the filling in addition, place it on the couch or bedroom.


If you enjoy sewing, you can also choose to customize the cushion through scraps of fabric. In addition, if you want something more original, you can embroider patterns as small houses, or an inspirational phrase. To give an artistic touch, it is good idea to put applications of different textures and colors. Another alternative is to draw a picture via buttons. You only have to think concerning the design and set buttons with a few stitches.