A duplex is a house in which two floors are connected via an internal staircase. Today we will see some ideas and tips for decorating houses such as should take into account a number of aspects for better sharing of each stay.

They are usually quite large, with many potential places so I am sure you get it home with elegance and character. You have to think among other things the convenience when installing each room feels at ease to live there without relying too much on the stairs.

Creating spaces

When decorating your duplex you have the opportunity to create different environments although the transition should be stylish even if they are separated in two heights and maintain thus a visual harmony.

You can put different floors up or down, or play with colors, but if you want to create that sense of harmony and poise always be appropriate that although there are contrasts, everything remains the same ornamental and stylish line. At the top, to be dedicated to rest, we know how to create cozy atmospheres to invite relaxation.

decorate a duplex


As we said earlier, upstairs is advisable to book for a small bedroom or office, as usual, it is a quiet and peaceful place to work and relax. However, considering the functionality and comfort, a bedroom on the ground floor if old people living at home is always good to have, as well as avoiding up and down the stairs.

The furniture

By having, the stairs you should think well what use would give each piece of furniture to organize all good things that have to hand and not go up and down all day. Think about the decor but in this case, primarily intended functionality.

It is recommended that the bottom dedicate to that the most active and put the living room, the kitchen, and a small bathroom, and let the top locate the rest area, the bedroom or any room to watch TV or office and a bathroom.


The decorative possibilities of the stairs are very large. If you have reached a duplex already built will not have the possibility to choose the design of it but certainly, you can get a lot out and make it the main magnetism of the house. You must combine safety with comfort and aesthetics.

The twisting occupies less space, for example, but are not as practical and safe, or railing is not too pretty without a staircase railing looks much more special design but more dangerous. Seize the space beneath to make beautiful places, for example, placing shelves, wall units, storage. That place that seems a bit forgotten has lots of possibilities.


Another way to liven up your stairs is by putting stickers with messages that are read as you go up systematically. They can be funny motivators or phrases you like. Sure when read not stop smiling.

Pictures and flowers

Another way to decorate this significant part of the duplex is hanging pictures or photos as you climb upstairs. Then you can put in an order or a more casual look along the wall. On the other hand, flowers and plants also will help you decorate this area of your house giving much life color and joy.